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August 02, 2011
My husband gave his "okay" on my new site!  So, I am going to send out my email invites on Facebook and through my address book.  I hope a few people will send me a comment or two.  Tomorrow will be a day dedicated to working on a pet portrait of a beautiful golden retriever, Augie, who was fostered and adopted through Arizona Golden Rescue.  I really admire the work the volunteers in the various rescues who work so hard to help our furry friends.  Our little dog, Zoe, is a rescue who we adopted through Finding Fido, the best rescue group in the valley ( I might be just a little bias.) Zoe just earned her AKC Good Citizen certification this past Sunday and has been doing volunteer work at a Scottsdale nursing home through Pets on Wheels.  I thought you might like to see her picture - she is such a cutie!
              You have to admit that she is cute!
Zoe in her volunteer harness.  I converted her 18" bandana into a much more comfortable harness.  I have already had an order for one from another volunteer team.
Barbara Grace said:
August 188, 2011 at 05:38 am
Miss Zoe looks like a star!