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When Art Imitates Life

When Art Imitates Life

They say that art is the visual representation of what is felt by your heart and what is comprehended by your mind. If this holds true, then my art reflects a whimsical part of my personality, where reality and dreams merge and come alive.

Welcome to Just Montage. Just Montage is a very special collection of all my work. I take pride in showcasing my work because they not only carry the physical subject in them but also the essence, which can only be felt when one observes it with their heart.

Just Montage

An Eye for Emotion

If emotions were not a part of what I do, my paintings would be nothing but a blank canvas. Emotions add color to life, to your heart and to your whole being. Tapping into those emotions and really being able to express those feelings through a paint brush and a palette of colors, is not an easy thing. Art and emotions go hand in hand to bring the essence out. That is exactly what I and many of my beloved art admirers believe and see in paintings.

Work That Sells Itself

Good art needs to do one thing – to help people feel. That’s what my art does. A myriad of subject matter, versatility, and love for texture is apparent in my paintings, jewelry, art quilts and fiber arts. My work seems to sell itself without much interference from me. When people have an eye for “that special moment” or “that special piece”, as an artist you don’t have to worry about it being sold. The art will find that admiring eye.

Taking Art to the Next Level

Taking Art to the Next Level

As an artist, I never limit how far my imagination and passion drive me. This is why I have tapped into several segments of painting, including abstract, realism, nostalgia, contemporary, fiber work, mixed media and more. This helped me understand how art is not limited to just one platform and will be openly appreciated on any medium, when done right.

I am currently accepting requests on commission, especially for pet portraits and wearable art. This is truly my love and forte. With expertise in a variety of media, my art has something for both the neophyte and the seasoned collector.

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