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 D.J. Bykowski

Working in a variety of media, the art of D.J. (Diane Juris) Bykowski has something for both the neophyte and seasoned collector. Diane's  myriad of subject matter, versatility and love of texture is apparent in all of her work - paintings, jewelry, art quilts or fiber arts. Accepting commission work, especially  for pet portraits and wearable art, is truly her love and forte. Most recently, she is working on Paisley, for the AZ Humane Society's, fund raiser Petcasso 2012 and  a commissioned piece for the retirement of Neal and Anne Jennings of Pets on Wheels of Scottsdale .  See the progress of that portrait on Diane's blog.
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"My work is where reality and dreams merge to come alive. Art is about energy, and it is the job of the artist to capture it, control it, and store it in some form for a viewer to absorb. My goal is to do just that. Hopefully, you will think it does just that."
~ Diane Bykowski